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What are the things leaders should and should not do on social media? Heidi Heater shares some solid tips.

What can Pokemon Go teach us about worship? Patrick Bourckel shares how the game can open your eyes to unseen realities.

How should Christians respond to the unethical killing of Cecil the lion, especially in the midst of the evil controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood? In today's piece, John Murdock challenges us to think how we can most effectively win over animal activists to a fuller pro-life position.

Where technology is applied to escape the limitations of being human we don’t have to look far to see where it is contributing to human suffering. J. D. Walt makes 7 observations about technology and modern life and challenges us to introduce Sabbath into our rhythm of life.

In this article, Shannon Sigler looks to the Wesley brothers for the example they set in using technology for the furthering of the Methodist movement, and ultimately, for the formation and sanctification of their people. She also highlights several online Wesleyan resources.

Social media can be a powerful tool when used consistently & effectively. In this article, Scott Hungtinton argues for the role of social media in connecting both current and prospective members to your church community.

Rachel Held Evans is joined by Heidi Weaver of LOVE Boldly and Dr. Ben Witherington to discuss women’s roles, vocation, blogging, and more.

The first TED talk I ever saw was one by Bobby McFerrin where he explored the connections between pentatonic scales and the human mind....

General Biblical/Theological Studies 1) Their vision is to make high quality theological material available throughout the world, thus providing Bible teachers and pastors with the...

Yesterday across social media people were having fun with the hashtag #AddaWordRuinaChristianBoook. Here are some of the best ones. The Divine Conspiracy Theorists #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook — Timothy...

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