Jesus and the Stranger: The Church’s Call to Refugees and Immigrants

Note: We asked Dr. Darrell Whiteman to present—in Seven Minute Seminary format—a recent lecture he gave at the American Bible Society. Though he is largely reading from a manuscript, the information is invaluable and worthy of a larger public audience.

What is the church’s call to refugees and immigrants? In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Darrell Whiteman begins by sharing two stories—an ancient one, and a contemporary one. By comparing Jesus’ birth story to a contemporary asylum-seeker, Whiteman challenges the church to consider its high calling to help the displaced and vulnerable of society.

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2 Responses

  1. It is so refreshing to hear this I have I personally have Problems with the Christ united Methodist church in Venice the new pastorr during the election was so political in favor of trump I can not understand how a Christian can vote for a man who is a self confessed grouper of women and has no compassion. Thankyou for restoring my belief in the church. I am looking for somewhere else to worship I have been at Christ united for 9 yrs so it is hard to change but it broke my heart to listen to Pastor mike Say he wanted Donald trump to win . Trish. Hadsalll

  2. You are not looking at the total picture and the reality of what is happening on our borders. I don’t think there is a Christian anywhere in the country who would not welcome a family displaced by terrorists. HOWEVER, people, mostly young Muslim men who are not screened are flooding into our country, not families. Terrorists have already come in with the refuges from the Middle East. If we don’t control our borders, get a handle in our immigration system, and enforce our immigration laws, then we will no longer be a country where refugees will be safe. And as Christians, we will no longer be safe. You tell a heartwarming story about the wonderful family you took in, but why don’t you talk to others around the country who have had their daughter or sister brutally raped by some of these “refuges.” Look at what is happening in Germany now that their country has been flooded by refuges. Yes, we need to show compassion and help those in need, that is what Jesus would do, but we need to get our own house in order first so we will be able to serve and protect those who need our help.

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