Restoring the Credibility of the Church’s Witness

Why is faith declining so rapidly among younger generations in the West? Rather than looking for answers externally, the church ought to consider how it can recover a compelling message and vision for the gospel and the difference it makes for community. In this Seven Minute Seminary episode, Tara Beth Leach explains how Christians can once again become a radiant people whose life welcomes the world in to follow Jesus.

If you’re interested in learning more about what a winsome Methodist movement can look like, you’ll enjoy our new book, The Next Methodism: Theological, Social, and Missional Foundations for Global Methodism.

The Next Methodism invites readers on a journey to discover the vitality, richness, and sheer goodness of the broader Wesleyan tradition. Methodism began in England as a movement to spread scriptural holiness across the land, to reform the church, and, ultimately, to reform the nation. It was a gracious movement of the Holy Spirit guided by Scripture, the tradition of Christian witness, and the light of reason.

Methodism is now itself on the cusp of renewal and the authors of the present volume—scholars and church leaders committed to the Wesleyan message—are convinced that this renewed Wesleyan movement will emerge as unapologetically orthodox, authentically sacramental, vigorously engaged with the poor, and loving toward all people in nothing less than the holy love of Jesus Christ. The next Methodism will proclaim the good news of Christ that sets captives free in the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father. Get it from our store here.

Visit Tara Beth Leach’s website here. | Order her book, Radiant Church: Restoring the Credibility of Our Witness (affiliate link).

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