Revival amidst Riots

Revival amidst Riots

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Revive us, Abba
Tell the dead to try again

Reshape us, Abba
Point our pasts to where they end

Respond to us, oh Lord
We need to hear the words You say

Remake us, oh Lord
Turn our pillars back to clay

Reinforce us, Abba
We’re forever stuck beneath this load

Refresh us, Abba
When we buy into the lies we’re told

We pray You remind us, Father
That we were naked and free of shame

Recover us, Father
Clothe our hearts and strip our pain

Renew us, Lord
When we’re more holy than we are honest

Rebuke us, Lord
When we want You less than Your promise

Reduce us, God
Make less of we and more of Jesus

Refuse us, God
If we seek country over kingdom

Review us, Shepherd
Search our hearts, and if they’re off

Then please, rescue us, Shepherd
Till ninety-nine aches for the lost

Come reassign us, Lord
Commission us with flame and spirit

Let fire refine us, Lord
If buildings burn, make us empathetic

Would You restore us, Abba
To reflect the treasure that You’ve purchased

Would You reform us, Abba
And reinstate our lands with purpose

We need repentance, Jesus
Like blind eyes to racism we turn from sin

We need redemption, Jesus
For the Father of mercy to call us children again

We pray revive us, Abba
Don’t let flame consume our story

We pray refine us, Abba
Use this fire for Your glory

We pray revive us, Abba
We pray revival, Abba
We pray, revive

We Sang a Dirge is not a manual on lament, but rather a glance into the lament of its author, Lo Alaman. It is a collection of poems, journeys, prayers, and invitations. He offers no answers here, for only Christ has those to give. Poetry doesn’t seek to share facts, but rather to share an experience. You’ll find no politics or advocacy for any government except the kingdom of God within these pages. What you will find is a window into the joy and grief of following Jesus in this skin.

We pray these poems are a catalyst that open all sorts of windows (hopefully your own). Biblical lament stems from hope that God has more in mind for His people than the brokenness that they find themselves in. These poems are a window into hope.

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