Sunday Best: A Believable Gospel, Historic Mistakes, New Atheism


Kevin Watson claims that what we are for isn’t enough. A survey of history may confirm this sentiment.

The Gospel Coalition asks, should you cancel your Good Friday service? See their thoughts on the Christian year.

James K.A. Smith reflects on the believability of the gospel. Should Calvinists or Christians “make the gospel believable?”

A historic oversight was finally corrected after the film “Lincoln” drew attention to it.

Catalyst Resources publishes an apologetic resource on the New Atheism by Dr. Allister McGrath.

There is renewed hope in certain parts of the world after Pakistan acquits a second Christian of blasphemy.

Gizmodo covers 5 amazing scientific discoveries we don’t yet know what to do with. The church needs to be involved in these conversations.

Earlier this year, Greg Boyd preached a message on God playing favorites. Listen to his sermon on Romans 9-11.


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