Sunday Best: dying churches, a faith killer, and books you haven't read

Sunday Best: dying churches, a faith killer, and books you haven't read

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Tom Schultz writes “How to Take Over Dying Churches,” an instructive piece on this challenging calling.

Can your family be missional and homeschool your children at the same time? Jesus Creed puts out this piece on a current debate.

An Ohio Amish group is convicted of hate crimes, and they face up to 10 years in prison. Some say this will send a strong message promoting religious tolerance. Does the punishment fit the crime?

Is your online personality ever different than how others perceive you in person? The Way of the Duck over at blogs about “tweeting fearlessly.” While you’re at it, you may want to read up on some social media etiquette.

Fred Sanders blogs about how to talk about books you haven’t read. This is both funny and serious, as it calls attention to ways in which pastors and teachers have the power to shape their communities.

Dr. Craig Keener expounds the gospel according to John 3:16.

Ever fear that theology could kill your faith? How about make it more alive? Check out this YouTube video from Credo House. See also Michael Bird’s list of books you should read before seminary.

Pictures are powerful. Read about how they can sway your moral judgment.


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