Sunday Best: Gay Marriage, Video Gospel Presentations, Letter to Victoria's Secret


Review our Centurion Easter miniseries.

View and share our video “Easter and the Resurrection” featuring Dr. Ben Witherington III.

Ed Stetzer writes Five Reasons Missional Churches Don’t Do Global Missions—and How to Fix It.

A recent MSNBC show reveals deep confusion about the nature of an embryo.

One father writes a letter to Victoria’s Secret.

Pope Francis continues in his pattern of humility by exchanging his throne for a white chair.

Confused by recent gay marriage cases? Here’s a chart explaining some of the legal issues. Also, 20 Young People Who Believe Marriage Should Be Between One Man And One Woman.

One article draws attention to mistellings of history—in this case, American history.

A new “3-2-1” video story animates the gospel message in a fresh and compelling way.


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