Sunday Best: Healing Conference, Your Theology, 4 Sex Lies College Students Believe


Recently, Asbury Seminary hosted a Healing Conference. See our resource, Love Heals: A Biblical Theology of Healing Ministry.

Andrew Thompson asks, “What is your theology?” And then follows up with, “But do you know the theology of the church?

Albert Mohler discusses Tim Tebow’s “big fumble.”

Tom Fuerst writes a thoughtful piece titled, “Prayer as Engagement, Not Escape.”

Faith on Campus shares 4 Sex Lies that college students believe.

Reclaiming the Mission engages with Ed Stetzer on mega church phenomena. Where do they draw people from and what do the stats really mean?

In North Carolina, a bill would add Bible study to pubic schools. In Massachusetts, gender distinctions are somewhat eliminated in public schools.


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