Sunday Best: more on premarital sex, Jesus' wife, disciple-making


Do you follow blogs? See a conversation about the theological shifts in the blogosphere over at Jesus Creed.

Sean MacDowell over at Converstant Life publishes a piece summarizing 10 myths about premarital sex that challenge the practice of cohabitation and other cultural norms.

Anne Rice made news two years ago when she announced that she was leaving the Church. More recently, she states that she is no longer a Christian either, claiming that having faith is not a choice. Agree? Disagree?

See a profile of what Facebook looks like in the majority world. Facebook is trying to make itself accessible even to the poor.

Teaching the Dragon.” Christianity Today claims that mission-minded Christian educators run fast-growing universities in North Korea and northeast China.

As it turns out, Jesus probably did not have a wife.

Asbury alumnus Randal Hardman writes a post for Biologos titled, “Willing to Be Wrong.”

Are you engaged in making disciples? You’ll probably appreciate this piece covering 5 shifts in disciple-making.


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