Sunday Best: Pastoral Transitions, Soterian Gospel, America's Next Cities


Are you or someone you know in pastoral transition? Check out our upcoming webinar with Bob Kaylor: “Your Best Move” coming April 27th.

Infanticide: The Coming Battle” is a challenging piece with cultural predictions, written by scholar Michael F. Bird.

Scot McKnight covers what’s happening at Missio Alliance conference and offers an outline of God’s mission, mostly drawn from the Gospel of John and its use of the word “send.”

Jesus Creed posts some brief proofs of the Resurrection of Christ.

Political Theology asks and answers, “Was John Calvin a liberal?” Part 1. Part 2.

Here are 9 signs your church is ready to reach unchurched people. The question begged: what does it mean to not be ready?

Denny Burk has a take on why the Gosnell crimes haven’t received adequate media coverage.

Have you heard of the soterian gospel? Some think there’s an implicit anthropocentrism in it.

What do America’s “next cities” look like? Here’s a hint: Houston.

Could revival possibly come from the prison system?


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