Sunday Best: Responding to Tragedy, the Virgin Birth, the 2012 United Methodist General Conference


Expert Offers 8 Recommendations to Help Children Deal with the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

The Huffington Posts writes Five Things NOT to Say and Five Things to Say In a Trauma Involving Children.

See what people googled in 2012.

Dr. Bill Arnold reflects on the United Methodist 2012 General Conference.

Seedbed author, Keith Jagger, busts the myth of an inhospitable Bethlehem, exposing an even richer meaning from the Nativity Story. He also makes a gift of his paraphrases of Luke 1-2 in the form of an FREE Advent Devotional Guide for the latter half of the season.

Dr. Lawson Stone writes about the coming Messiah based on kingship in Israel.

The Resurgence helps explain why the virgin birth matters theologically.

How did December 25th become Christmas? Biblical Archaeology Review provides a helpful article explaining.

Do you know how to talk evangelical? See this humorous blog on Christian jargon.


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