Sunday Best: TED on Iconography, Rejuvenate Conference, Meditative Prayer


Jonathan Andersen writes about the upcoming Rejuvenate Conference for the church. This looks promising.

Like TED talks? Classically trained iconographer, Lynette Hull, draws fascinating parallels between contemporary and ancient “icons.” Watch here.

John Piper writes an excellent article on the injustice of abortion titled, “We Know They Are Killing Children—All of Us Know.”

Are there essential characteristics of biblical evangelism? What are they? See, “I Question Your Evangelism!” for one take.

For all the biblical Greek enthusiasts, Michael Halcomb is involved in an event called, “Conversational Koine: A Weekend Immersion Event.”

Relevant Magazine publishes “3 Things I Wish I Knew Before We Got Married.” Here’s one of them: marriage is not about living happily ever after!

Larry Teasley offers some analysis of the Adam Hamilton sermon at last week’s presidential ceremonies.

In case you’d like to grow in meditative prayer, The Resurgence has published a guide.

Shane Raynor writes on our divided country and divided church.


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