Sunday Best: Theology for Mars, Unisex Scouts, Generous Orthopathy


Drew Causey writes “Picking Worship Songs 101: God’s love > my love

Pastors—start developing a theology and ministry for Mars!

The New York Times covers why going to church is good for you.

Philip Jenkins writes about canonicity, Scripture, and other religions.

India considers banning pornography as reported sexual assault rises.

Guy Chmieleski blogs on helping seniors discern what’s next.

John Morehead writes, “A Generous Orthopathy: Evangelicals and a Transformed Affective Dimension of Faith.”

One pastor claims: “My people’s greatest need is my personal holiness.”

Have you ever heard the term, “smokin’ hott wife?” Zac Hoag writes about its harm.

Anthony Esolen writes a compelling piece, A Boy’s Life with Unisex Scouts.

Read up on Christians, family ministries, and feeling lonely.


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