Sunday Best: Wendell Berry, Adam Hamilton to Preach, Tim Tebow's Tragic Life


Jody Stowell writes a compelling article on the ordination of women bishops. Michael F. Bird also writes, “The Achilles Heal of Two Complementarian Objections.”

Tom Fuerst writes a profound piece titled, “Why Tim Tebow’s Life is a Tragedy: a Song of Goats, Gators, Broncos, and Jets,” calling into question the typical media narratives.

United Methodist pastor Adam Hamilton set to preach at the National Prayer Service next week at the National Washington Cathedral.

Timothy Dalrymple questions “Wendell Berry’s Epic Slanderfest: Opponents of Same-Sex Marriage Are ‘Perverts,’ Guilty of ‘The Lowest Form of Hatred.’”

Should we celebrate beautiful women?

One restaurant in Denver has a pay-as-you-can policy.

DTS has an interview with Alister McGrath on apologetics.

Dr. Timothy Tennent publishes an article on Christianity Today, “The Hidden History of Insider Movements.


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