Texas Megachurch Hosts a 24-Hour Rooftop "Sexperiment"


Our Seedbed staff has weighed carefully whether to respond to this story or not. By doing so we recognize we play into the media hype. In an attempt to minimize this, we have intentionally omitted any hyperlinks referencing the story. There will no doubt be a firestorm of controversy surrounding it. We would like to invite a healthy conversation via the comments below. 

Ed and Lisa Young are hosting a 24-hour bed-in. That’s right. They are putting a bed on top of their church, getting into it, talking about sex, and streaming it live on the Internet today. Really, it’s not a joke.

Ed Young is the Pastor of the Texas megachuch, Fellowship Church. Their new book Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse was released this week. In the book, the Youngs detail how God intended sex to be within a marriage, and it offers seven ways to rediscover that intimacy.

During the bed-in, special guests will stop by to join in their discussion about sex. Friends from around the world will join them via Skype. Viewers can submit questions and prizes will be given away. Ed Young explained on a video on his website, “It’s time to bring the bed back in church and God back in the bed.” Though the stunt is certainly making national headlines, Lisa Young asserts, “This is not a gimmick.” So is this just sensational publicity or are they really tackling the issues? More to the point, are Christian leaders using hype to teach on the important topic of sex? And is it harmful hype or helpful hype? Join the conversation in the comment section below. Let’s labor to be respectful in our responses.


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