Why Christians Like Seth Godin


Christians like Seth Godin.  He’s become a keynoter at the buzziest conferences in the kingdom. Everywhere you go, someone is talking about Seth’s latest blog post or ebook. It’s fascinating really. On the one hand, he’s an atheist, and yet he has an authority unlike that of the scribes and pharisees. Just today he offered a post about nothing less than love itself. Certainly he seems to understand more about how movements move than the standard church of our day.

Sure, there are all sorts of ways to shame Christians for touting Seth Godin. We should be looking to Athanasius or Mother Teresa, right? We need to be talking about the Holy Spirit more than we do about “marketing.” Of course we do. But the fact remains, we like Seth Godin.

Or maybe it’s just me. I like Seth Godin. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. If nothing else, Seth Godin is as consistent as the sunrise. He has written a post every day for the past seven years and it is up before I am.
  2. He keeps it short. When a person can capture their own thinking in concise, compelling ways, they can captivate others.
  3. He turns conventional thinking on its ear in a way that inspires practical immediate action.
  4. Seth reframes age old problems, using counterintuitive thinking to reveal the obvious insight.
  5. He can translate wisdom down to seven simple questions.
  6. He constantly shows us how creative people with good ideas can change the world through changing culture.
  7. Godin creates platforms for collaborative thinking through collecting friends and exposing their wisdom.

On we could go and maybe we will pursue this more later. Though I’ll not try and find a corresponding proof-text, I think each of these seven points can be understood in deeply Christian ways. See what I mean? So how about you? Ever heard of Seth Godin? Like him? Why? Can we learn from him? Why not?



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  1. Do we know for sure that Seth is an atheist? Do we know anything about his faith? Genuinely curious, I would love to see a source/article where Seth states his spiritual life explicitly.

    • I had never heard of him before just now. I received an email from Dave Ramsey as I subscribe to his newsletters. It was announcing the speaker lineup at the 2016 Entre Summit and I saw that Seth Godin was one of them. It mentioned that he has been blogging for years so I clicked on his head to read his blog. I decided to read the very first blog entry ever, which was January of 2002. He mentioned something about there being beliefs that are myths, and one of them he mentioned was Noah’s ark. That made me realize he wasn’t a believer.

  2. Love these reasons why you love Seth Godin. I’m a fan too and had to google if he was a Christian when I was on a Christian website and saw an advertisement for something about him. I totally agree that we can appreciate other people’s strengths and learn from non-Christians. Obviously we don’t want to follow something that is unbiblical but so many principles taught in the entrepreneurial/personal development world are actually very biblical.