Theologically Reflective Counseling Conference

Theologically Reflective Counseling Conference

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A one-day seminar exploring approaches to integration of theology and counseling.

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Presentation: Toddy Holeman

This seminar presents a model for theologically-reflective counseling that is adaptable to different schools of counseling and that is not tied to a particular theology stream (e.g., Reformed, Wesleyan, Lutheran, etc.). Foundational to this model is the awareness that theological reflection has power to shape daily living when Christians (counselors and clients) allow scripture and theology to illuminate those areas where their life is conforming to the heart of God and to clarify those places where their life is in tension with the heart of God. This kind of transformation is possible when counselors invite clients to explore the theological truths that relate to clients’ struggles.

In this seminar participants will:
1. Review current literature on the integration of religion/spirituality with counseling practice.
2. Identify four commitments that are prerequisite for theologically-reflective counseling.
3. Learn a process for theological-reflection during counseling.
4. Practice identifying opportunities for theological-reflective clinical conversations.

Presentation: Phyllis Kiser

This workshop will include a Biblically based theology of sex and an investigation of God’s sexual plan that reveals integrity, maturity, and passionate intimacy. An integrated approach to sexuality, theology and counseling will be presented as well. This seminar will include practical application for talking more effectively with your clients about sexual issues. And finally, this seminar will offer a toolbox of resources to use in your counseling practice to help deal with sexual issues.

In this seminar participants will:
1. Present a Biblically based theology of sex.
2. Investigate God’s sexual plan that reveals integrity, maturity, and passionate intimacy.
3. Integrate sexuality, theology, and counseling; in other words, how do I talk more effectively with my clients about sexual issues from a Biblical point of view.
4. Offer a toolbox of sexuality resources for counselors to use in their counseling.

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Toddy Holeman Presentation

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Phyllis Kiser


Overnight accommodations will be available at Wilmore bed and breakfasts.

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Presenter Bios

Toddy Holeman

Dr. Virginia Todd Holeman (Toddy) is professor of Counseling. She is the past president of the Kentucky Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a licensed psychologist in Ohio and a licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed professional counselor in Kentucky.

Dr. Holeman has published several books, including her most recent, Theology for Better Counseling: Trinitarian Reflections for Healing and Formation (2012, IVP). Dr. Holeman’s research interests include interpersonal forgiveness, repentance and reconciliation, and integration of psychology and theology.

Phyllis Kiser

Phyllis is a licensed counselor with Stonegate Counseling Associates in Athens, GA. She is pursuing certification as a Sex Therapist through the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists.

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