Top Posts on Art and Literature

Top Posts on Art and Literature

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Faith and Creativity: An Interview with Dave Harrity (Complete Interview)

The world is God’s poem, claims Dave Harrity, author and poet. If God is a poet, and we’re made in his image, there must be something to exercising creativity that will help us become shaped into God’s character. Watch this interview where he talks faith and creativity, and also hear him share about his vision for his book Making Manifest. Purchase his book Making Manifest here. Watch the trailer.

Cultivating Theological Imagination: “Thirst” by Tania Runyan

Read a poem by Tania Runyan and then watch as Marilyn Elliott comments, offering insights into how the longing for God is a thirst that can ache in the depths of our soul, and how to live in this tension.

5 Ways to Misuse Artists and the Arts

Have you worshiped places where you’ve groaned at some of the ways that the Arts have been used in worship? Or maybe you know a place where the Arts and a robust creativity are essential to the life of a community. Callid Keefe-Perry shares 5 ways to avoid the misuse of art based on a reading of biblical texts.

Tell Him Your Story: Writing as a Spiritual Discipline

Hannah Espinoza encourages readers, “Try telling God your story, and see how much you learn yourself.” She shares with us how writing prayers and journaling thoughts and observations when reading Scripture can help focus your spirituality.

Myth As Apologetic

Myth is story—it is the collections of stories that bind us and make us who we are. Basing his argument on the shape and vision of C.S. Lewis’s apologetic style, Rob Floyd reveals how myth can serve as a bridge between the Church and culture.

Why I Have Started Reading Fiction

There are good reasons why you should read fiction if you’re in any kind of ministry, or hope to learn to relate the gospel effectively. Derek Vreeland shares 6 of his reasons why he started reading fiction.

Literature and Ministry: 3 Points of Convergence

Hannah Espinoza offers 3 points of convergence between literature and ministry and offers an apologetic for ministers reading literature outside of the Bible.


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