Top Posts on Family and Relationships

Top Posts on Family and Relationships

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Seedbed has many great posts on family and relationships. From premarital sex to the future of marriage, we’ve collected some of our best ones in this post.

Is Premarital Sex a Sin? Bible Scholars Respond

Written as a response to what seems to be a simple question, 3 Bible scholars provide biblical answers to a question posed by a college student. This is one of Seedbed’s top posts of all time.

From This Day Forward: Flirting with the Future of Marriage

Kelly Grace reflects on what a vision for marriage might look like and offers statistics and suggestions for further reading on the significance of marriage.

12 Things I Wish My Pastor Told Me in Pre-marital Counseling

“The turning point in your marriage will feel like an ending. It is. And that finally allows for the beginning.” Kelly Grace offers this and 11 other tips for couples going into marriage.

Why Abstinence Isn’t Working in America

Here campus minster Guy Chmieleski puts forth a case for teaching “celibacy” rather than “abstinence” to youth. Celibacy includes the notion of discipleship, the essential factor for successful lifestyles of abstaining from sexual sin.

How to Teach Your Kids About Sexuality: A Much Needed Conversation

Ellen Martin provides a simple and practical guide for how to talk to your kids about sexuality from an early stage. Included is a PDF  you can download and print.

Free Download: Practicing Fatherhood by Isaac Hopper

Here Isaac offers some brief but memorable parenting advice to fathers in this FREE ebook download.

When a Spouse Is Killed

This is a touching story about a minister who lost his spouse due to medical human error. It is most basically a story about living with grief through love, faith, and hope, all grounded in the final resurrection.


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