What the Psalms Teach Us About Prayer

The Psalms are a profound collection of prayers and praise that hold a special place in the worshiping life of the church. In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Ben Wayman shares how exactly the Psalms can teach us to pray.

Get Ben’s book, Make the Words Your Own: An Early Christian Guide to the Psalms (Paraclete Press, 2014).

The Psalms have been sung, prayed, read, cherished, and memorized by the people of God for thousands of years. It is no mistake that God put, right at the heart of the Bible, an inspired prayer and worship book. The Psalms were given to us as a means of grace. In other words, each of the psalms represents a bridge or conduit through which the grace of God can be conveyed into our lives. This beautiful hardback book is a collection of thoughts on each of the psalms by Timothy and Julie Tennent. Get your copy from our store here.

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  1. The problem isn’t ordination or educating women or women in authority it’s the matter of necessary established roles in family and society. The nature of being a biblical male and female. Our roles are equally important and valuable but the responsibility of leadership was squarely put on the shoulders of the man. When those lines between men and women get blurred it changes the structure of the family and men and women lose their identity.
    Many men would gladly give the responsibility over but they stop protecting their family when that happens. They stop being providers and leaders and never take the role of nurturer completely so the woman winds up with all of it. Biblical manhood and womanhood matter as does the structure of the family. We have lost that with the blurring of the line of leadership and reaponsibility.

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