When Bible Study is Dangerous

Satan is very comfortable with having people love the Bible and not love God. In this video, Dr. Bill Mounce suggests that we approach the Bible in order to love God more, not to just gain information. He suggests we followup each study with the questions, “What do you learn about God, and what do you learn about yourself and others?”

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3 Responses

  1. I am 61 years old and life long Methodist. For the first time 6 years ago a pastor arrived on the scene who talked about loving God. I was fortunate in that I got to spend some one on one time with him; the way he talked and acted left no doubt that he viewed God as a positive verb in his life. Nothing has been the same since because after encountering him, I knew I was way off in my understanding as to what Christianity is truly about–it is way more than “doing church”. The two subsequent pastors have talked about many things. I sense that the current one has some personal spiritual depth but I do not get the sense that he loves God or that he views God as the verb in his life the way that one pastor does.

    1. Then you need to seek out another church. I think you would find an Interdenominational Christian Church of interest & fulfillment in finding a pastor who loves God. If you don’t find it at the first one, move on. Services at those kind of churches are much different than Organized Religious services. They are wonderful!
      Jesus is the reason for everything. Unless His Holy Spirit is present, there isn’t going to be much life in the church, or it’s parishioners.
      When one has the Holy Spirit alive w/in them, it’s quite obvious & quite a difference in everything. From the way the Bible is taught, the sermon preached, & the worship done.
      Look to see what’s close to you where you live & check some out. Some smaller ones can be better than a larger one. You won’t know, if you don’t go. Ask God to guide you to one that’s a good representation of Him & His Word. He’s faithful to lead correctly. 😉

      Be blessed.

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