Who is the Holy Spirit: A Free Lesson on the Trinity

Who is the Holy Spirit: A Free Lesson on the Trinity

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Do you know who the Holy Spirit is?  How about your students? A clear understanding of the Holy Spirit is central to being a Christian.  This free lesson will help you explore the doctrine of the Trinity.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other:

Go around the circle and have each person answer the following question:

If you could spend one entire day doing whatever you want, what would you do?  Here is the catch…you can’t use a computer, tv, iPad, or cell phone for the entire day!

Diving into the Bible

Read John 14: 15-27.
What did Jesus promise to leave us when He ascended to Heaven?

Scripture helps us understand who the Holy Spirit is and what it the Holy Spirit does by comparing it with things we are familiar with.  Let’s see what Scripture says.

Read John 3:8.
How do you know there is oxygen in the air?
What is the imagery we are given from this verse about the Holy Spirit? (

Just like oxygen in the air, you also can’t see the wind but you know it is there as a result of things, like leaves in a tree, moving.  The Holy Spirit is like this:  you can’t “see” the Holy Spirit but you know it is there as a result of its presence in your life and as you witness the results of the Holy Spirit at work.  It is “seen” as it moves, transforms, and changes things and situations around us.

Have you ever felt pushed to do something you really didn’t want to do?  Explain what you mean (note:  this can be a positive thing you were pushed to do or a negative thing you were pushed to do)

The Holy Spirit guides our path; sometimes it nudges and pushes us in directions we don’t feel comfortable going (in a positive way…think about God pushes us to behave in a certain way or to do a certain thing).  Think about how it is easier to go with the wind when you are walking down the street than to go against it.  When we allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, this too will occur…life is best lived when we go the way God is leading you than to go against God.

Read Genesis 2:7.
What does this say about the Holy Spirit? (

Read Acts 2:3.
What does this say about the Holy Spirit?  (
Fire is an image people often use to describe the Holy Spirit.  This image comes from the Pentecost story. God’s Spirit is a flame. It has great power.

How do the images of wind, breath, and fire help you better understand the Holy Spirit?

A Little More Bible Diving

Read the following passages about the Holy Spirit.  If time is short, assign each passage to a couple of people in the group.

Read the passage and share what it says about who the Holy Spirit is.

John 14: 26 (Counselor, Teacher)
Acts 4: 31  (
Gives us power)
John 16: 13 (
Gives us guidance)
Romans 8: 26 (
Gives us words to say when we pray)
Acts 9: 31 (
Comforter in times of need)
Romans 15: 13 (
Peace giver)
1 Corinthians 12: 1- 11 (
Equips us with Spiritual Gifts)
Romans 5: 5 (
Fills us with love)

Final questions…

 What other things do we let guide us, both negative and positive?

 What are things that distract us from God?

 What are some ways that God has given you guidance in your life?


Have each person share which image of the Holy Spirit in this lesson is the one they most identify with.  Have them also share why that is.

Have one of the students close in prayer.


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