The Whole Zombie Package (Studies and Events)

The Whole Zombie Package (Studies and Events)

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It’s October which means that even the teens who are only slightly interested in the current Zombie obsession will be heading over to their friends house to have a Walking Dead marathon and either praise or mock the new spinoff.

All of that means time is ripe for an all out Zombie invasion of the youth ministry, or at least a couple Bible studies and maybe a special event.  We have the whole package here.  Three thoroughly Wesleyan lessons by Jason Scott on Prevenient Justifying and Sanctifying grace put in Zombieriffic terms, and a special Zombie event that our students love.  Enjoy.

The Lessons (By Jason Scott):

Walking Dead: Zombies and Prevenient Grace Without Jesus, we don’t have a chance, we are “The Walking Dead”

Walking Dead: Zombies and Justifying Grace It’s realizing that we’re zombies…realizing that we’re walking dead  and that we’ll stay that way without God.

Walking Dead: Zombies and Sanctifying Grace You WILL die again…

The Event:

Zombie Apocalypse Night  When zombies attack your youth group, will you be ready?  Short answer, no. Let’s face it – the zombies win every time.


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