Why Hospitality in the Church Matters

Why Hospitality in the Church Matters

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When I think about Jesus, one of the aspects about Him I am continually astounded by is how much of a servant he was during his time on earth. And specifically, how hospitable he was.

He was constantly serving others, healing others, and engaging people where they needed help the very most.

Jesus was clearly very concerned about other’s physical needs – even whether they were hungry or not! Jesus fed thousands of people two separate times in his ministry! How incredible is that? And it was around the dinner table that he showed his disciples, and all of us, “the full extent of his love” as he broke bread with them during the Last Supper, and washed all of their feet – even the feet of the one who betrayed him.

If we are followers of Christ, we are going to be occupied by serving others, showing hospitality to others, and concerning ourselves with the physical needs of others.

The more we become like Jesus, the more we will realize that it’s through simple selfless acts of service that people can glimpse His love.

So this begs the question: how are our hospitality teams at our churches? How important do we view hospitality on Sunday mornings and throughout the week?

How is our greeting team doing? Are people feeling welcome when they come to worship on a Sunday? Are visitors able to easily access help when looking for something? Are our elderly in our congregations being taken care of properly?  Is there an accessible way for people to get prayer, or have their concerns heard?

Also, how are the folks who are sick in our congregations receiving care? How are they being looked after?

If we are not constantly evaluating our hospitality in our churches, we may be missing a great opportunity to show the love of God in practical ways.

Also, another question to consider – how many people are serving on our hospitality teams? If it’s just a few, or if it’s the same group of people doing all the serving, perhaps it’s time to motivate the rest of the church body to get involved? All it takes is being willing to follow in the example of Jesus.


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