5 Reasons to Activate Worshipers Using Social Media

5 Reasons to Activate Worshipers Using Social Media

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Social media is a social norm. 

We live tweet political conventions and consume the trending Twitterverse. We post mundane food pics one day and the next, we celebrate sacred marriage vows with selfie sticks and witty hashtags (#weddingfail). Social media is normal in our churches. Click open 2 John 1:12 in your YouVersion Bible and select from one of 1,364 versions (that’s a real number). The blue glow of cell phones illuminates the church.

It’s easy to compartmentalize worship as the 3-4 songs we sang in church last weekend, but worship is to be active and a part of our daily lives as exclaimed in 1 Chronicles 16:23 NLT, “Let the whole earth sing to the Lord! Each day proclaim the good news that he saves.” Social media provides a daily venue to help activate worshipers.

Here are five reasons to intentionally activate worshipers using social media:

  1. Extend the engagement of worshipers hearts beyond brick and mortar. Throughout the week, social media is a space to provide a participatory experience, be a source of encouragement, help promote spiritual influencers, and collaborate in numerous ways.
  2. Build and strengthen relationships by responding to questions and comments. Celebrate and encourage one another. The heartbeat of building a strong community is authentic connections. Use your networks to interact with your team, congregation, and community. Engaging regularly will help them feel known and appreciated by you, your ministry, and your church.
  3. Share stories. I believe compelling invitations to faith often come from people who have already experienced Christ’s transforming power. Empower your people with permission to share their stories of worship and bond in Jesus Christ. Stories naturally highlight the progress and impact your ministry is having and allows you to reach a new audience with connections to those sharing stories. More “reach” in social media amplifies your influencer as a leader.
  4. Ask questions because two minds are better than one. Social platforms are incredibly useful as focus groups. Ask questions of your followers, test ideas, and bring them in as contributors to the process. We all need feedback to help us know where you stand, learn how to improve, and to be motivated and appreciated. I previously wrote on art of asking for feedback if you’re looking for tips on navigating questions and responses.
  5. Take action: Create a call to action online, giving followers tangible ways to respond beyond worship service. Along with growing and inspiring your people, use social media reminders and motivation to deepen participation. Taking action is formative to the growth and development of a worshipful life. Don’t assume people know how to take action. It takes many forms, from volunteering, to financial giving, to active social media influencer.

Activate Worshipers

The outcome of moving people from worship attenders to daily Jesus worshipers creates widespread and lasting change. Unite people with shared interests, both online and offline, and empower them to be worship leaders in everyday life. Each time you gather in person you’re building on fresh momentum, raising stronger advocates for the mission, and leading more passionate worshipers of Jesus. As worship leaders, church communicators, and cultural influencers we can intentionally activate worshipers with social media.

Coming soon: Look for a second post that spotlights effective approaches and tips for your social media strategy.


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