6 Degrees of Seedbed Social Media


Greetings Seedbed readers,

We wanted to take a moment and invite you into our social media conversation. As many of you know, we are committed to sowing for a Great Awakening, and one of the ways we that we are casting seeds of the Gospel is through a variety of social media outlets. With the sheer volume and number of social media platforms that have gained traction over the last couple of years, we wanted to be intentional in letting you know where we’re at, what we’re doing and how you can join us in sowing for a Great Awakening using social media.



Here you will find all of our content. That is, all of our articles from the Feed, daily links to our devotional The Seedbed Daily Text and a curated selection of Store items. Also, we often use Facebook as a platform to bounce ideas off our followers, so we’ll post polls, contests and announcements.



Follow us on twitter and you’ll be notified as our posts go up on the Feed and The Seedbed Daily Text. Additionally, we post quotes from prominent Wesleyan thinkers and images from behind the scenes of Seedbed.



We host all of our official Seedbed video content on YouTube. We curate several different playlists that highlight series like Seven Minute Seminary.

Google Plus


Google+ offers outstanding live broadcasting capabilities and we look forward to facilitating live hangouts in the future. Be sure to check out our Dark Knight Rises discussion with Ben Witherington and Philip Talon that we did over the summer.



Pinterest is a resource that has caught our eye in recent months. We have begun to build our Pinterst page on the resources and items in our store that we currently offer and we look forward to developing exclusive Pinterest content in the future.


Username: @seedbed

We offer exclusive, behind the scenes images on our Seedbed Instagram account. You’ll see images of interviews as they happen, pieces of our editorial office and maybe even some of the Seedbed staff in action.

We are passionate about what we do at Seedbed and we know that one of the best ways to get our message to the masses is through social media.

So please, add us to your social network and sow for a Great Awakening with us!


David Lyell is associate pastor at Westwood United Methodist Church and Photographer at Stephanie Lyell Photography.