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Author: David Lyell

6 Degrees of Seedbed Social Media

Greetings Seedbed readers, We wanted to take a moment and invite you into our social media conversation. As many of you know, we are committed to sowing for a Great Awakening, and one of the

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Book Review: The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons

There’s a new generation of Christians rising up to take their place as cultural restorers rather than being separatists or merely blending in with culture. Read more in this book review of The Next Christians by staff writer David Lyell.

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5 of the Best Wesleyan Podcasts

Podcasting is a fantastic resource for getting your church’s message out. Today it’s possible to watch and listen to churches from all over the country and the world. Here you will find 5 podcasts from vibrant churches that are making a difference and have their roots in Wesleyan theology. 

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7 Surprising Things Churches Have Done to Attract New Members

It seems like there’s always another local church in the news for pulling some outlandish stunt or another. And sometimes its hard to tell what their intention was, and other times its pretty clear that they were looking to get in the news.

One way we can begin interpreting these surprising actions by a local church is to examine their beliefs and determine whether they would be considered “orthodox”. Orthodoxy can be defined as the “right belief” about God and is typically characterized by the ancient creeds of the church.  To compliment their orthodox belief, we can then consider the “orthopraxis”, or the “right practice”, of the church.

Typically the orthopraxis of the local church is expressed in much broader terms than orthodoxy, and of the two is what flexes as local churches contextualize their practices to reach new members.

We have found 7 examples of surprising things that churches have done to attract […]

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