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When Jesus enters Jerusalem during Passover, it appears he is following a prophetic script to reveal who he is and what his intentions are.

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus reenact and fulfill the Old Testament story.

With Jesus, rock bottom is an opportunity to begin again and coming undone is a chance to be made new. The end is where he starts from.

The story of Jesus’ cleansing of the temple requires some background information to be fully understood. Read more from Ben Witherington as he explains the significance of this event.

Do you ever stop to think how your leadership might impact even the smallest among you? Gabe Lawson shares a story from his childhood about a leader who greatly impacted his life with one special encounter.

The New Testament and the gospel of Jesus claim theological continuity with the Old Testament, but what does this mean for our own reading of sacred Scripture? Read this post by Andrew Dragos, summarizing insights from Richard B. Hays' recent book, Reading Backwards.
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The miracle that happens at the wedding of Cana happens in the midst of desperation. In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Jessica LaGrone shows us how miracles in the Gospels are preceded by desperate situations, which points to the care and sufficiency of Jesus.

We all think we know everything there is to know about Jesus, but do we? Andrew Dragos shares seven things about the gospel of Jesus that might surprise you!
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Have you ever stopped to notice some of the elements consisting of the perfect number seven in the Gospel of John? In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Ben Witherington III shares how recognizing the seven signs are key to understanding our fourth Gospel.

Jesus’ death and resurrection achieves God’s ultimate victory over sin, brokenness, and injustice and opens an abundant future for all who trust in him. It also provides a grand reversal—the church, now as Israel, is supposed to "Go" out to all the nations. Read more from Brian Russell.

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