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We are to pray and work for the coming of the kingdom here and now, in every nook and niche of creation.

Because fresh expression of church will be such a new concept to so many in your congregation, it should be helpful to anticipate some of the questions they likely will ask.

Preaching and administering the sacrament can be an enhancement for contextual ministry, rather than a detriment. Read more from Travis Collins to learn about these opportunities.

From the beginning, the Wesleyan Revival was a 
movement largely for and among the poor, those whom “gentlemen”
and “ladies” looked on simply as part of the machinery of the new 
industrial system.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Anthony Headley explains the commons factors leading to pastoral burnout, and then suggests steps that a leader can take to live and work in a ministry context that thrives and flourishes.

How can our preaching be as efficacious as that of the great circuit riders who went before us? Matt Friedeman shares the one thing that makes the difference: passion.

What does one of the most famous circuit riders of all time have to say to us about preaching well? Matt Friedeman shares wisdom from Francis Asbury himself.

What would Francis Asbury say to preachers today? Matt Friedeman shares wisdom from long ago that still applies to us today.

There's so much work to be done for the kingdom of God, but you are so exhausted! Lenny Luchetti provides some tips to help weary pastors keep going.

Preaching: Does it really still have an effect like it used to? Lenny Luchetti shares why preaching is just as relevant today as it has always been.

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