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Making Disciples in Diverse Communities

In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Efrem Smith challenges the church to rise up to the wonderful opportunity to create multi-ethnic churches that reflect the beautiful diversity of the coming kingdom of God.

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Worship as Protest

What do worship and protest have in common? Adam Kurihara reflects on recent political protest and activism in light of Christian faith.

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Where Racial Reconciliation Begins

Sometimes we really want to learn, to grow, to love. But, it can be hard to know how to start. Heather Celoria shares how to begin a life of self-awareness that roots out the evil of racism in our hearts.

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Leading the Way (Episode 27)

Listen as Jeremy Steele sits down with the Rev. Dr. Joy J. Moore from Fuller Theological Seminary to talk about William Pannell and the Pannell Center for African American Church Studies.

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