Rearview Mirror: Order of Worship for Pentecost Sunday

Arrangements-Photography / Thinkstock

As a part of our “rearview mirror” series, we asked worship director Marty Reardon to share his church’s Order of Worship from Pentecost. Use these backwards views to help shape your worship looking forward.

Trinity’s congregational demographic is made up mostly of young professionals and young families (early to mid 30’s). They represent many denominational affiliations and backgrounds; Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal, charismatic, non-denom, Methodist, Presbyterians, un- and under-churched, etc.

Trinity Anglican – Atlanta, GA – Pentecost Order of Worship
Opening Prayer – Collect of the day
1st Reading – Genesis11:1-9
Song – Praise To The Lord The Almighty
Song – At The Name of Jesus
Song – All Who Are Thirsty
2nd Reading – Psalm 104:24-35
Song – I Love Your Presence
Song – My Soul Be Still
3rd Reading – Acts 2:1-21
4th Reading – John 14:8-17
Sermon (25 mins)
Eucharist (with quite music)
Closing Prayer


Marty Reardon is a worship pastor at Trinity Anglican in Atlanta, Georgia.