Redemption Beach: Invitation to Breakfast with Jesus

Redemption Beach: Invitation to Breakfast with Jesus

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There is this amazing moment in Eastertide that has become my favorite celebration in the whole Christian calendar. Following Jesus’ resurrection he appears to his disciples on the beach and prepares them breakfast (John 21). Jesus is alive! And he brought food? The celebration just got better! This beachfront is the location a masterful lesson of redemption and celebration we carry forward as Christians in Jesus’ fulfilled promise of life with him.

Jesus’ divine invitation brings us to a familiar place where he can remind us of his power. Jesus commissions us all as fishers of men. He alone provides redemption in the coals of our life. He is the bread of life. He was leaving the disciples soon but he was showing them (and us) how to remain in Him.

Many years ago I created a breakfast service called “Redemption Beach,” patterned on John 21. I wanted to bring people to the shores of Galilee, help them hear the seas, feel the sand between their toes, smell the burning coals and cooking fish, and taste the bread. The service heightens the sense with sound, sight, and scent with creative elements. It concludes with communion, a corporate reading of Jesus’ ascension and breakfast. We served bagels and lox to represent the bread and fish Jesus prepared for his disciples.

Redemption Beach is a special place for me near Ascension Sunday. I pray these resources guide you to the shoreline of worship and fellowship with Jesus.

Modify it and make it your own service.

Redemption Beach Resources:

  • Service overview
  • Teaching and creative elements
  • Worship song suggestions and soundtracks
  • Slides and graphic samples



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