Round-up of Resources on the Holy Spirit

Round-up of Resources on the Holy Spirit

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Pentecost in 2014 falls on this upcoming Sunday, so we’ve taken the time to round up some of our leading resources on the Holy Spirit for you.

1. Have Some Spiritual Gifts Ceased?” Seven Minute Seminary by Frank Macchia

In this video, theologian Frank D. Macchia charitably discusses both positions on what can be a divisive topic—the so-called “charismatic gifts” debate. He seeks to understand and accurately articulate the position that the charismatic gifts have ceased, but ends up arguing for their continuation in the church.

2. “Top 5 Books on the Holy Spirit” Recommended Reading by Steve Seamands

In this carefully curated list, beloved professor Steve Seamands, who was part of the Asbury Revival in 1970, shares his top 5 books on the Holy Spirit. Here you’ll find works from leading scholar-theologians, but also works that are profoundly devotional and practical.

3. “The Meaning of Pentecost” Seven Minute Seminary by Craig Keener

In this video, New Testament scholar Craig Keener highlights 7 points of interest from Acts 1-2. They include the: 1) Promise of Pentecost, 2) Preparations of Pentecost, 3) Proofs of Pentecost, 4) Peoples of Pentecost, 5) Prophecy of Pentecost, 6) Preaching of Pentecost, 7) Power of Pentecost.

4. “The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament” Seven Minute Seminary by John Oswalt

In this video, John Oswalt reveals that the view of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament illustrates the continuity between the two testaments. The Holy Spirit is given to empower our lives so that we may be holy as God is holy and so fulfill the new covenant he has for his people.

5. “I Believe in the Holy Spirit” Article by Timothy Tennent

In this article, Timothy Tennent shares commentary on the oft-neglected phrase from the Apostle’s Creed. He offers a robust trinitarian vision of the Holy Spirit’s person and work and offers 3 points that the creed should lead us to embrace.

6. “10 of My Favorite Leading Pentecostal Scholars” Article by Andrew Dragos

In this piece, I shared some names who’ve been especially influential on my own theological formation. It falls short in many ways, not least because it highlights males, but also because the designation “Pentecostal” has become, depending on what discipline you’re working in, a disputed term (some reserve the term for classical Pentecostalism which identifies speaking in tongues as a sign of Spirit baptism and normative practice for the church). Nonetheless, I hope the list serves to help launch you into the work of some first-rate scholars.

7. “Come Holy Spirit” Series by Lindsay Bodkin

In this 6-part series by Lindsay Bodkin, we highlight quotes from leading Bible teachers and ministry practitioners about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Read quotes from N. T. Wright, Scot McKnight, Jon Acuff, Elaine Heath, Greg Boyd, Will Willimon, Stanley Hauerwas, Tim Hughes, and more.

8. “John Wesley and Spirit Baptism” Seven Minute Seminary by Larry Wood

In this video, Larry Wood reminds us that John Wesley held deep convictions about a second experience of grace in the Christian life which led to entire sanctification. His theological heir, John Fletcher, connected this second work of grace with the biblical theme of baptism of the Holy Spirit. Subsequently, in the Wesleyan traditions, this baptism of the Holy Spirit became identified with growing in holiness and taking on the character of God.

To round things off, here’s a link to all of our posts on Seedbed that have to do with the Holy Spirit.


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