Seedbed Resources on Pain and Suffering

Seedbed Resources on Pain and Suffering

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The entire world is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in unprecedented ways. At some point people will begin to wrestle with the profound adversity they are faced with, whether it be social, economic, or the health effects. A time may also come when everyone knows someone who died from the virus. Below are some of the resources Seedbed has published that wrestle with the problem of pain and suffering and attempt to situate it within the framework of Christian faith. Some slant philosophical, some biblical, and others explore it from a pastoral, human perspective.

Nine Myths Christians Believe about Pain and Suffering by Carolyn Moore

The Bible reminds us that God is good, that he created a good world, that he loves us­—and that pain and suffering are a pervasive part of the human experience. Beyond this, pain and suffering remains a mystery. In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Carolyn Moore tackles nine myths that Christians regularly assert about adversity.

The Problem of Evil and Christian Faith by Michael Peterson

How do you reconcile the reality of evil, pain, and suffering in our world with the existence of a loving God? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Michael Peterson approaches the problem from a philosophical perspective, and explores whether the reality of evil makes belief in the existence of God irrational.

When Children and Jesus Suffer by Howard Snyder

In this article, Howard Snyder tackles this problem with pastoral force. People who suffer don’t care much about philosophy, though they often do ask the big “Why?” question. And too often they (maybe especially children) say: “It’s my fault. I deserve it.” This is wholly untrue.

Did God Love the Egyptians? by Craig Keener

Did God love the Egyptians when he struck Egypt with plagues? In the larger biblical narrative, the answer is obviously yes. But when reading the Exodus story, it’s difficult to come to terms with this assertion. In this article, Craig Keener explains how and why God loved the Egyptians.

COVID-19 and the Church at Home by David Thomas

For many now, church, like school, has moved home. If COVID-19 continues to have this effect through or even beyond Easter, what opportunity does this present that we would not have any other way? How should we see this moment as sowers of awakening? David Thomas urges deeper

COVID-19 and Awakening by David Thomas

How do we respond to COVID-19 from the perspective of awakening? We’ve all been hit hard by unprecedented safety measures, a flood of unnerving news, and the interruption of fundamental human connections. How are we to see this as sowers for a great awakening? David Thomas explores possibilities in this article.

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Facing Adversity by Rob Renfroe

Our world can be painful, confusing, and full of problems. Jesus taught us this. It’s a promise, really. It’s not the kind of promise that we underline in our Bibles and commit to memory, of course. But we should. “In this world you will have trouble” (John 16:33), he said. Rob Renfroe encourages us to invest our trust in the right direction.

In the Valley of the Shadow of COVID-19 by J. D. Walt

We live in the valley of the shadow of death. We always have. Sometimes it takes something like a global pandemic to wake us up to the reality. In this devotional style reading, J. D. Walt offers six daily readings to help God’s people live with this adversity by going to God’s Word.

Jesus Christ, the Suffering Servant by Timothy Tennent

This is a picture of what God has done in the gospel of Jesus Christ. All of the great themes and figures in the Old Testament are brought together and fulfilled through the life and work of the Suffering Servant.

Sacred Memory Sustains Us in Life’s Darkest Moments by Brian Russell

Psalm 137 invites us to reflect on the deepest tragedies of our lives while affirming that we cling steadfastly to the living embodiment of Jerusalem/Zion, the Word made flesh in Jesus Christ (John 1:14) who suffered yet triumphed in resurrection.

Metrical Psalter for Singing the Psalms by Julie and Timothy Tennent

The Psalms are unique – they are the hymnbook of the people of God, and they are meant to be sung. Find in the psalms a breadth of emotions and experiences that include ones perfectly suited to sing during seasons of profound darkness. This is a free online resource.

Four Steps to Take When You Wonder Why by Michelle Marx

Life happens and we usually don’t get a complete explanation. But if we keep breathing, hold on to all that’s good and true (now and to come), relax in His love and watch for the little blessings that inspire gratefulness; we will make space for our soul to find hope again.