Spiritual Awakening: The Golden Thread of Church History

What is the impact of spiritual awakenings on the church and society? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. David Thomas shares how awakenings are the golden thread that propels salvation-history forward, leading to deep impact in hearts as well as the social fabric in which it is birthed.

What is awakening? Awakening is the outcome of personally encountering Jesus Christ, through whom the love of God the Father is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Awakening both results from and leads to deep wholeness in people, renewal of the Church, evangelization of a generation, and transformation of society.

The common thread of the Christian story and the great urgency of our day, awakening unfolds in small ways which produce vast blessing to all of creation. It comes most readily to those who are desperate for more of God, to any disciple of Jesus thirsty for a manner of prayer and quality of relationship that bear the marks of plain, Scriptural Christianity—the measure of which is holy love. 

The Church cannot manufacture awakening; it is ultimately a work of God and a sign of His presence. But we can sow for awakening, remove impediments, and posture ourselves to receive it. 

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