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Author: David Thomas

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

In this Seven Minute Seminary episode, Dr. David Thomas speaks to the head and heart and offers a working definition of what it means to experience spiritual awakening, both at the individual level and as a people of God.

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The Kind of Church the World Needs

New Room Conference gathers ordinary Christians, leaders, and pastors under one roof to convene conversations, curate content, call to prayer, and inspire a new generation of men and women who long to be a part of a great awakening.

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COVID-19 and Awakening

In light of COVID-19, we must gently and firmly allow the reality and gravity of our circumstances to register in the deep places of our souls.

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Fasting and Prayer for Awakening

What is fasting for, and why does it matter? It is something that shows up in Scripture more than you might think. David Thomas shares how fasting is so much more than skipping a meal.

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