Why the Divinity of the Holy Spirit Matters

Is the Holy Spirit divine? What are the proofs for the divinity of the Holy Spirit? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Matt Ayars teaches why the early church councils affirmed the divinity of the Holy Spirit. He works through the affirmation that both Jesus and his original apostles considered him to be divine, which stood in continuity with the testimony of the Old Testament. Fundamentally, he argues that the Holy Spirit has attributes that belong to God alone, such as eternality, omnipotence, omniscience (Hebrews 9:14; 1 Corinthians 2:10–11; Psalm 139:7–12; 104:30).

Next, Ayars explains that the Holy Spirit must be a divine person in order to complete and apply the saving work of Jesus in the lives of believers. This is because salvation is more than just a change in our status, or a declaration of forgiveness. It is rather a holistic restoration and completion of our relationship with God and an ongoing renewal of our actual being as we are conformed to the image of God.

“The life of God in the soul of a believer is the continual inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit.” –John Wesley

If you would like to learn more about the Holy Spirit, Matt Ayars’s new book The Holy Spirit: An Introduction releases Pentecost 2023. This readable systematic theology works through the person and work of the Spirit that offers a comprehensive overview not just of this doctrine but as a vision for the Spirit’s indispensable role in the victorious Christian life.

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  1. The facts are friendly – not always universally welcome, sometimes not personally convenient. Triune God surely IS the most fundamental Fact. So good to hear Matt summarize his grasp of God, from the point of engagement with God the Holy Spirit. When we hominins touch and hold the God we can comprehend, and speak clearly and openly, and listen to the others from around the circle of humanity, we learn about God, about our neighbors, and about ourselves. Thanks to Seedbed for this important testimony.

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