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Author: Dale M. Coulter

Silent Night, Holy Night, Dark Night

Advent focuses on God’s entrance into our struggles with life. The anxiety of life in the flesh and the knowledge that every human being must face: life is a fragile gift, here one minute gone the next.

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Lent: A Time of Covenant Renewal

The entire purpose of Lent is a preparation to encounter the risen Lord as one moves through the events of Holy Week. In today’s article, Dale M. Coulter offers insight into the Wesleyan reason for observing this solemn yet essential season of the church.

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A Wesleyan Understanding of Grace and Works

When thinking of the Wesleyan understanding of God’s love, keep in mind both ways of describing grace. Mercy is the love of God toward the individual. It forgives, embraces, and accepts. Power is the love of God within the individual. It transforms and makes new.

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