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Author: Jonathan Andersen

John Wesley’s 12 Rules for Preachers

Long ago when Methodism was still a movement, John Wesley gave his “helpers” a list of 12 rules to follow. These “helpers” were lay preachers who were just starting to travel around and preach in various places. Here’s a copy for you to refer to and draw encouragement from.

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14 Christmas Sermon Illustrations

Each Advent season, God invites us anew to reflect on the beauty of the incarnation—the mysterious act of the Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us. Jonathan Andersen offers 14 Christmas sermon illustrations to help us contemplate Christmas, complete a sermon, or come close to the feet of Jesus in worship.

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5 Reasons We Need Camp Meetings Now More Than Ever

Are camp meetings an irrelevant, American practice from centuries past? Jonathan Andersen offers 5 reasons why they are needed now more than ever. They include rest, community cultivation, reorientation toward God, the passing on of tradition, and profound Christian formation.

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Book Review: Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed by Austin Fischer

Austin Fischer narrates this journey—into and out of Calvinism—in his newly published book Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed. Fischer’s journey will engage readers of all theological persuasions, but it is his theological arguments for leaving Calvinism woven throughout his narration that will force readers to set the book down after each chapter and ponder the questions, “Who is God?” and “How do I know?”

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