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Author: Robert Kaylor

The Christmas Double Down This Year

Christmas Day is on Sunday this year, and many churches are considering not having a service that morning since many have services the night before. Bob Kaylor shares why you should continue with your normally scheduled Sunday service.

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The Gospel in Three Phrases

What are the words you most want to hear? Bob Kaylor shares three of the phrases people crave to hear the most and what they reveal about the good news of Jesus Christ.

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How to Preach Like Sherlock

Do you wish you could dig out more meaning from Scripture for your sermon like Sherlock Holmes finds information from the smallest clues? Bob Kaylor shares four steps to help you preach like Sherlock.

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5 Bad Reasons for Pastors to Leave a Church

So, you’re looking at appointment season with hope in your heart. You are ready to move on to something bigger and better? Robert Kaylor helps us take a moment to stop and evaluate why we are ready to leave the church we are in and whether our motives are truly healthy for us.

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"He Became Sin:" Fleming Rutledge on the Crucifixion

“Why did he do that?” Why did Jesus die? It’s a question that Christians, scholars, and theologians have wrestled with since the first century. Bob Kaylor explains that perhaps the bigger question about the crucifixion is this: Why did he have to die in this way?

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The Case for Holy Saturday

Bob Kaylor shares that Holy Saturday is a day for us to remember those who have died, recognizing the pain of death that separates us. But we do so, always, with an eye toward Sunday and the promise of life!

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