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Some think that the ancient Israelites were nearly identical to their cultural neighbors, while others claim they were completely different. How similar were they to their neighbors, really? Dr. Bill Arnold outlines the differences and similarities, showing a biblical picture of a nation that lived in the world, but was not of the world.
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What are the Dead Sea Scrolls? In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Brent A. Strawn answers, providing the archaeological background and historical details that make this what some have called the discovery of the century.

Has the site of Jesus' baptism been discovered? In this video, Ben Witherington III shares about a new archaeological site where early Christians would go to get baptized. It is possible that this was a special site for the early church because it is also where Jesus was baptized by John.

So what is archaeology and why is it important for biblical studies? Such questions have enjoyed a recent revival, particularly in light of a few recent media blitzes in response to archaeological data that impacts how one views Scripture’s credibility and truthfulness. Archaeology deals with empirical data that illuminates history and can aid interpretation by illuminating realities that inform one’s understanding of the text.

In the rubble that filled the Jerusalem streets following the 1967 Six-Day War, archaeologists scrambled to see what the bombs had unearthed before the... Archaeology and the Bible are intimately related. Here Dr. Sandra L. Richter discusses their important relationship. See our growing playlist of Seven Minute Seminaries on our YouTube...

Why visit the Holy Land? What does digging in dirt have to do with spirituality? Today, read about Kirk Taylor's experience on an archaeological dig in the Holy Land. After returning recently, he reflected on his journey and shares some of those thoughts with us here.

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