Does History Have Sides? Debunking the Myth of Progress

Does history have sides? What are we to make of so much political rhetoric that the church ought to get on the “right side” of history? In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Ryan Danker helps debunk this myth by pointing out that history is too complex for simple notions of history that posit a right and a wrong side. In its place, he suggests that we should be asking, what has God done through his Son and Holy Spirit, and how can we as a church be a part of that movement?

To read more about this topic, see Josh McNall’s, “Why the ‘Wrong Side’ of History May Be Right (Sometimes)”.

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  1. Very Good answer about being on the quote “right side” of history.
    I might have this come to mind because I spent past of today with a survivor of the Holocaust, but it seems to me that prior to WW2 breaking out in full, most intellectuals would have argued that history was on the side of the Nazis. They were the most advanced and progressive people of the day. Yet no one today would dare say that the Nazis were on the right side. Just a thought.

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