What is Revelation About?

What is Revelation about? In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Robert Mulholland explains key aspects of the work that must be kept in mind in order to properly understand it.

So much poor interpretation exists related to Revelation because we forget the character of visionary experiences and then try to apply our modern context to ancient images. Visionary experiences happen based on the historical context and the pool of images available to the original “seer.”

What might some of these Old Testament images be? What might some of the Greco-Roman images be? What are some of the mistaken attempts to draw modern interpretations based on this text?

Ultimately, Revelation is not about end times as we’ve come to know it, but about radical discipleship. It sets up and contrasts two ways of being—one based on God’s kingdom, and the other on Satan’s.

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  1. How does KirK Cameron fit into all this? 🙂 Wonderful to see Dr. Mulholland again. He exudes the Spirit of Christ.

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