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What is Christmas? Ask the Angels

Among many other wondrous things, Christmas is a preview of Jesus’ second coming. Christmas is bittersweet. The angels announce good will and peace on earth. Unspeakable joy at the birth of a baby, the long-prophesied

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Revival Hope is About Tasting the Future

Our hope is like no other. Its vibrancy overcomes life’s difficulties. This hope is about Jesus’ return. In revival it flows so strong that even unbelievers become fascinated by it. How is this possible? Does

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What Happens to Those Who Never Hear the Gospel?

What happens to those who never hear the gospel? In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Ben Witherington tackles the problem by drawing a parallel to how God will deal with his people Israel at the end of the age, a theme treated in Romans 11.

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What Pocahontas Found in Heaven

Most people these days know something about Pocahontas. Some even know the true story of her conversion to Christianity, and perhaps of the catechetical instruction she went through. But most people don’t know what happened

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