Why Wesleyans Need to Rediscover Church Planting (Interview with Ed Stetzer)

Why Wesleyans Need to Rediscover Church Planting (Interview with Ed Stetzer)

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Wesleyans and Methodists were some of the very early successful church planters in America centuries ago. In this video interview, Ed Stetzer shares why the heritage of church planting is essential to reclaim, and why Wesleyans are specially positioned to do so in North America.

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10 Responses

  1. There is a group of Free Methodist who have taken up this work. I was invited to their church multiplication strategy meeting one week ago to see what they were doing. While I am not a Free Methodist I was so impressed with their work, the questions they were asking themselves and the openness to what the Holy Spirit is doing. Here is their link —

    Thought you should know.

  2. Ed, as usual, does a great job here not only characterizing some history related to church planting but also casts a great vision back to those of us in the Wesleyan tribe about what makes Wesleyans unique and he does so while referencing our own Dr Jo Anne Lyon and Phil Struckmeyer.

    Like Ed, I think we are uniquely positioned to reclaim this heritage–not for our own glory or any kind of “wesleyan pride” but for the sake of the Christ being “repositioned” as King of all.

    In response to this video Phil Struckmeyer told me, “We should be motivated by being ‘called-out’ to lead the way in planting and multiplication! Look out . . . The Wesleyan Movement is about to rise!”

    Amen! We’re all doing our part–but Ed’s words also challenge us to think bigger, pray harder, and work more!


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