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Author: Jeremy Spainhour

A Confession of Violence

Jeremy Spainhour writes up a testimony to the innate desire and sense of vengeful violence on those who hurt others. Read more of this profound reflection on our current cultural climate.

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Unplanned Parenthood

How can we, as the family of God, offer a viable alternative to abortion rather than condemnation? Jeremy Spainhour discusses Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a model for unplanned pregnancy in the context of community.

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Commodified Truth is a Lie

Jesus is not the Christ of Black Friday. He is the Christ of Good Friday. His truth cannot be purchased, only received, and received only on its own terms. It comes not to those who have enough to pay for it, but to those who know they cannot afford it, that there is nothing of equal value to it. It comes to those who are simply willing to bow to receive.

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Why Youth Ministry is a Misnomer

In the attempt to become relevant to teenagers, many youth ministries have lost the sense of sacredness that properly belongs in all churches. In this article, Jeremy Spainhour reminds us that youth ministry is not about providing entertainment and snacks, rather, youth ministry must reclaim its gospel-centeredness.

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Commodified Truth Is a Lie

This is a sign I saw in an airport on my way back from Canada. Who knew that water could come in so many brands? We all know that water is nothing more than H2O,

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