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Author: John A. Murdock

Into the Wild with Bruce Jenner

Though not yet having undergone gender-reassignment surgery, Bruce Jenner has taken several steps towards becoming a woman, including asking the public to call him Caitlyn. In this article, John A. Murdock navigates the issue with sensitivity and care.

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The Methodist Roots of Mr. Evangelical

Harold John Ockenga may not be a household name today, but he was a key player in the mid-twentieth century neo-evangelical movement most famously personified by his friend Billy Graham. Read more about Ockenga and his Methodist ties in this piece by John A. Murdock.

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Recovering a Willardian Wesleyanism

What do the late Dallas Willard and John Wesley have in common? They both painted a picture of the Christian life that is attainable in the here and now. Read this article from John A. Murdock which draws parallels between the rich life and work of both Christian leaders.

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