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Author: Guy Williams

Coming Back to the Shack

The Shack’s success as a best-selling novel a decade ago from William P. Young virtually guaranteed an eventual film adaptation. Just as the book inspired fans as well as controversy among Christians, the movie will

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Leading Change Through Preaching

While renewing our minds is essential to transformation, our preaching and teaching may not stop with conveying information. Inspiring action is a must. Here are five insights from effective change leadership that also apply to effective preaching.

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The Road to Character by David Brooks

Guy Williams encourages us to read and enjoy The Road to Character. Anyone concerned about our spiritual and moral poverty, and the disappearing shared cultural vocabulary with which to address it will applaud Mr. Brooks’ rich, thoughtful work here. Then rejoice and proclaim Christ, whose death and resurrection make possible not only the reconciliation of our relationship with God.

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Can Power be Redeemed? Book Review of Playing God by Andy Crouch

Becoming faithful stewards of power is God’s design for human flourishing, or so claims Andy Crouch in his latest book, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power. In today’s article, read Guy William’s summary and review of this important work which thoughtfully engages a critical issue for the church today.

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