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Our Two Global Pandemics

The Earth – all of us, all humanity – now faces two massive global pandemics: Covid-19 and Climate Change. Underneath and around these, of course, lurks the global pandemic of sin. But I speak now

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2020 Is Here

Twenty-five years ago, some futurists foresaw a major global crisis arriving in about the year 2020. In 1995 I published EarthCurrents: The Struggle for the World’s Soul. The book discussed a variety of issues, including

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Where’s the Gospel’s Missing Third?

The Bible reveals a whole and healing gospel. Good News! Today however, a third of the gospel is missing from much evangelical preaching, teaching, and living. Even among Wesleyans. The Bible is the story of

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The Promise and Peril of Populism

Let’s ponder the promise and peril of populism. Or maybe the triumph and terror of populism. Follow the news for a random hour, and you’ll probably hear the words populism and populist. “Populist revolt.” “populist

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Credo: Politics

When it comes to politics . . . Since I believe in Jesus and the kingdom of God, I believe: The Lord God is a God of righteousness, justice, holiness, truth, and love—all qualities that

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Welfare for the Rich?

Should Christians support welfare for the rich? It might make sense. If the rich get richer, everyone benefits. Pour water into a cup long enough and it flows down abundantly, giving everyone a drink. I

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