My Muslim Problem: Video Interview with Omar Rikabi

My Muslim Problem: Video Interview with Omar Rikabi

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The Rev. Omar Rikabi has a foot in two worlds. As a Christian minister he cares deeply for the church, while also holding dear his beloved family in the Muslim world. In an age of radicalism, political polarization, and profound fear, his words offer wisdom that both challenges and confronts the way many Christians treat followers of Islam.

His original post on Seedbed, “Sharing Muslim Stories,” inspired another post on his personal blog, “My Muslim Problem.” It has been shared hundreds of thousands of times and continues to inform the way the church imagines its relationship to neighbors. If you’d like to learn more about Islam and Ramadan, consider reading, “Ramadan, Fasting, and the Kingdom of God” by Matt Friedman. The Mission Society has also written “5 Tips for Loving Muslims, from a Missionary to Muslim People.”

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